An Introduction and Practical Guide to Community Engagement and Involvement (CEI) in Health Research – An Online Learning Resource

SLF is working with a team of international specialists to co-create an online, interactive course on the topic of community engagement and involvement (CEI) in global health research.

The course aims to demonstrate the value and potential impact of well-designed CEI in health care research. It will include 7 modules with well-defined learning outcomes and case studies from global practice.

The course will offer pragmatic guidelines to those who are relatively new to CEI and need to practice CEI in roles as facilitators, researchers or connectors between researchers and the community. It will also be an informative resource for those who lead, or are in training to lead, CEI in global health research programs. Furthermore, the course will be of value to researchers who are developing applications for global health research funding calls. Course users will learn how to design ethical CEI, choose and apply different approaches and methods, and appraise CEI activities, to support their research. The course will also assist experienced individuals to identify further resources and update their knowledge.

Course content has been informed by an international community of practice. The core production team includes experienced CEI practitioners, consultants and academics from Kenya, Malawi, South Africa, and the UK.

An Introduction and Practical Guide to Community Engagement and Involvement (CEI) in Health Research is scheduled to be freely available to all via the Global Health Network by mid-2023. We will be sure to let you know when it becomes available!

Project leader:Heidi Surridge and Doreen Tembo, The National Institute of Health Research (NIHR), University of SouthamptonContent developers:Dr. Gill Black, Alun Davies, Helen Latchem, Noni Mumba, Rodrick Sambakunsi, Robin VincentDuration:24 months
2021 - 2023
Funders:NIHRPartners:MESH, The University of Oxford Nuffield Department of Medicine, Kenya Medical Research Institute, Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Trust